ROAD TO EDEN 攻略 wiki


zouking — 02:21
Alpha 5.6 is out!
Hello survivors!
Included in this patch are 3 new map locations to you to explore.
Fixed the stone foundations will not be destroyed if placed low in the ground
Lots of bug fixes and optimizations.

Alpha 5.6 patch note

Added plane crash location
Added zone 2 barnyard
Added rundown factory
Added 3 new world events
Increased ATV spawn in zone 1 and zone 2
Fixed blue chest
Fixed supermarket roof
Fixed spiral staircase


zouking 02:28

Alpha 5.59c patch note

Fixed hatchback texture
Fixed glitch in mall
Fixed blue chest in mall
Added quad bike
Added more ammo loot in warehouse
Added rope recipe to sewing station
Added bandage recipe to sewing station
Added plant fiber recipe to sewing station
Added wood sticks recipe to saw table
Added admin block to admin panel
Fixed a few typos
Tweaked turtle handling
Tweaked truck handling
Added supermarket
Fixed the teleporter sensitivity


zouking 06:23
Hello survivors!

A lot of content in this update. I have added 2 new map locations for you to explore and populated the barracks with lots of loot.

I also added the rocket launcher, it has a large blast radius try not to use it in the dungeons!

A new flying mob is also included in this patch, never go out without your anti toxin pills

As for base protection a new 7.56mm cheap turret is added to the crafting list, when the bullets start flying stay behind the turret

Also added in this update are new world events, check the area before you go gun blazing

A lot of fixes and optimizations when into this update, thanks to all who helped with the testing!

Stay safe

Alpha 5.59 patch note

Steam id ban
New world event
New pupa flying mob
New poi factory warehouse
New poi old windmills
Looted rare weapons have full durability
Added new weapon RPG
Added RPG rocket
Added more loot in the mall
Added more loot in the barracks
Added 2 new world events
Reduced military hit points
Fixed planters spawning veg after server restart
Fixed rover edge texture
Fixed pickup truck texture


zouking 04:42
Hello survivors!

This update brings the long awaited military faction, This faction mainly operates beyond the wall in zone 2, they are well armed and well organized, proceed with caution!

I have also added 2 new locations in zone 2 the barracks and the mall.

Lots of tweaks and changes went into this update based on the community feedback.

Stay safe out there!

Patch note

Alpha 5.58b

New car - RANGE EDGE
Reduced pickup fuel consumption
Added new faction paramilitary
Added paramilitary grunt
Added paramilitary heavy gunner
Added paramilitary riot shield
Added crest tier 2
Added katana
Fixed gardening station crafts
Fixed wooden door saving passcode
Added new POI – the MALL
Increased rubber drops
Increased tier 2 vehicle system components drop
Increased vinegar drop rate
Increased all weapons durability
Fixed mobs flipping vehicles


zouking 06:09
Alpha 5.57 is out!!
The gardening updated is here!!

Hello survivors!!

Alpha 5.57 is out!
In this update there is a new gardening station where you can craft more than 70 new gardening items
I have also added a new armored and deadly vehicle.

The new gardening plots have a few extra features; auto harvesting when crops are ready and you can see the water level without entering the plot.
Indoors plots can only be placed in greenhouses and don't lose water over time.

Patch note

Added vehicle "the Armored turtle"
Added gardening station
Added fences
Added fences gates
Added 3 gardening plots
Added 1 indoor gardening plot
Added 1 wooden shed
Added 10 planing pots
Added 1 garden path foundation
Added 1 grass foundation
Added 1 soil foundation
Added 13 decorative plants
Added 1 garden chest
Added 6 potted plants
Added 2 greenhouses
Added 4 border walls
Added 4 garden stairs


zouking 09:47
Alpha 5.56f hot fix 1

This patch resolves the issue with wheels disappearing on some spawned vehicles.
Vehicles with no wheels should be destroyed, so others may spawn.

This patch also resolves the issue with the smallest vehicle engine not turning on after it’s fully repaired

I have also replaced the smallest vehicle model with a new one.


zouking 09:42
Alpha 5.56 is out!!!
Major vehicle overhaul

Hello survivors!
I am so excited to bring you this update; it’s a complete vehicle overhaul.
I have removed the van temporarily, so make sure you empty your vans before you update.

I have added 15 new vehicles and trailers, ranging from small city cars to monster trucks, each vehicle drives differently so test them all to find the one you like.

The vehicles can now be modified in the Garage station, which you craft in the metal works station.
Each vehicle part has damage and armor stats, the armor stats add durability to the vehicle and protects it from incoming damage, the damage stat adds damage to anything the vehicle hits and inflicts damage on anything that hits the vehicle event when it’s parked.

You can also custom paint the vehicle with vehicle paint items, there are more than 16 million different colors to loot, so no two vehicles will look similar. You can also upgrade the vehicle wheels to add more stability and inflict more damage to the infected.

Vehicle parts crates are spread around the map, look for them everywhere, even roofs!

Some of the vehicles can hook up to trailers for more storage space, so loot away!

Included in this update is the first SMG using 9mm ammo, fast and deadly.
In addition, of course a lot of server stability and bug fixing went into this patch.

I would like to thank all who help us test this patch, you guys rock!

More vehicles, modifications and weapons are in the works,

Stay safe!

Alpha 5.56 patch note

Added 15 new vehicles
Added windmill to barn in A2
Added wood glue recipe to bio chemical station
Added receive stone when punching harvestable rocks
Added receive wood stick when punch harvestable trees
Added aluminum ingot
Added aluminum ore
Added distributor
Added fuel accumulator
Added fuel injector
Added fuel pump
Added fuel system assembly recipe
Added ignition coil
Added ignition system assembly recipe
Added ignition switcher
Added radiator
Added radiator fan
Added radiator hose
Added radiator system assembly recipe
Added rubber
Added tire repair kit
Added small wood spikes to wood works station
Added large spikes to wood works stations
Added metal spikes to metal works station
Added Canadian flag
Added Russian flag
Added Danish flag
Added Brazilian flag
Added green vehicle items loot boxes
Added craftable garage station
Added lootable vehicle paint items with over 16 million color combinations
Added 24 unique lootable vehicle wheels
Added 26 unique lootable vehicle add-on components
Added small machine gun, uses 9mm rounds
Optimizes electric water pump code
Populated the nuclear silo POI with loot and infected (still work in progress)
Reduced mutants spawn frequency
Increased the numbers of nails you buy from ATM
Fixed windmill item transfer
Fixed water bottler not returning empty bottles when drinking from hotbar
Fixed candles
Fixed stick block structural integrity system
Fixed glossary resetting after death
Changed Wrench ignores block owner when there is no claim
Added vehicle control to admin panel



Alpha 5.55 is out!
Bug fixes and optimizations!

Patch note
Added infected re-spawn timer to SP game
Added "disable night horde" to SP game
Added new “old mine” POI in zone one
Added windmill to barnyard
Added Chinese translations
Added glossary tab to inventory


zouking 22:27
Alpha 5.54e hotfix 6

Thanks to the community's feedback we have managed to squash most of the bugs, polish and optimize the game, you guys rock!
I have also included the first batch of Russian and Portuguese translations, and I am looking forward to hear from both communities.

I am also excited to start work on the major vehicle update, now that the game is well optimized and polished.

Stay safe

Patch notes
Fixed large water bottle in campfire and dew collector
Added Portuguese language (work in progress)
Added Russian language (work in progress)
Fix item dup exploits
Fixed crafted item refresh in campfire
Fixed character sometimes spawns inside sleeping bag
Optimized game stability
Updated the French translations


zouking 08:50
Alpha 5.54b Hot fix 2

Patch note
Added 3 concrete round corner blocks
Fixed a few French translation words
Fixed loot chest becomes inaccessible in case of high latency
Fixed emergency backpack box not accessible in cavern
Optimized net code for sleeping bags
Fixed sewers door crashing server when being closed
Added inventory slot limit to 200
Added inventory slot limit option to server INI file
Fixed stacking items in full containers
Fixed fireplace cooker repair
Added admin panel (work in progress)
Fixed crossbow bolt impact sound
Added new high level infected
Added sewing station
Added Lebanese flag
Added French flag
Added UK flag
Added USA flag
Added German flag
Added begum flag
Added South African flag
Added Spanish flag
Added Japanese flag
Added pirate flag



zouking 08:21


hope you all had a nice holiday!

I am so exited to bring you the first update for the translations, French, German, Japanese and Spanish are included in this update, and more to come. the translations are work in progress and will be refined with every patch. Special thanks to the community for testing and refining these translations.

I also added a new station, the advanced cement mixer with new concrete block designs, and a lot of optimizations and bug fixes.

Stay safe.

ALPHA 5.54 patch note

Spanish translation
Japanese translation
French translation
German translation

Optimized inventory
Optimized single player game

Fixed item equipped on hotbar when character is loaded
Fixed equipped item not working when any item is dropped or recycled

Changed ammo boxes craft recipe
Removed Christmas decoration items
Increased spawn of ketchup, mustard and mayo

Added 2 extra slots to fireplace cooker
Added structural integrity system to paintable concrete floors
Added turrets to switchboard
Added coal to stone nodes
Added advanced concrete mixer
Added iron T-bar
Added 6 concrete dome blocks
Added copper wire recipe to heavy press
Added "Day/Night cycle length" option to server INI file
Added "Day time percent" option to server INI file
Added "Night hordes activation" option to server INI file
Added "20% more time to mob re-spawns" option to server INI file
Added blue light stick recipe to bio chemical station
Added Rare game "Ruby" item
Added Rare artifact figurine item



Alpha 5.53 is out

Hello survivors, alpha 5.53 is out.
The major addition of this patch is network code optimization and increased world-loading speed.
We added a few decoration crafts in the woodwork station so you can create the holiday spirit!
We implemented two new locations in zone 1, better be prepared before exploring them!
Survivor notes are implemented in this patch, and it’s the first part of the introduction to the story of what happened to the world.
We also have implemented a few community requests, we are loving your ideas keep them coming!
I hope you enjoy playing this patch as much as we enjoyed making it.
Happy holiday guys!

Alpha 5.53 patch note

Added military camp in starting area
Added Christmas items
Changed van fuel consumption
Added barnyard
Added item manual stacking
Added survival notes
Faster world loading speed


Alpha 5.52h patch note

Added brickworks station
Added slanted brick block
Added 4 new statues to the stone works station
Added brick arches
Added alphabetical sorting for recipes
Added pause button for single player
Added server restart timer option to server INI
Added brick fireplace
Added crafting result amount on recipes
Added server activity log file
Added blacklist option to servers
Added block snap icon to hud when aiming at a snap point
Added amount of craft slider to stations crafting menu
Added button for opening the mine door from the inside
Added punching reticule
Added mouse sensitivity slider to settings menu
Added hotbar visibility slider to settings menu
Added more snap points to concrete foundations
Added new reworked todo tasks and UI
Added more night lights to starting zone
Added hint signs on roads in starting zone
Added more snap points to concrete foundation
Added ping to hud
Added character location to hud
Added sewer exit door unlock switch
Added todo list sort button
Added breakable objects to the world
Added block owner name when repairing block

Increased reactive armor durability
Increased durability of rare weapons
Increased dew collection water capacity
Increased cooking items spawn
Increased gunpowder craft result
Increased reactive armor rating
Increased reactive armor helmet rating

Reduced xp from building and crafting

Fixed small power relays
Fixed wall paintings not being removed
Fixed van jack
Fixed mobs not moving on some systems
Fixed college roof collision
Fixed server rack block auto shutting down
Fixed not being able to build anything along side perimeter walls
Fixed garden plots plants not showing on game reload
Fixed beds disappearing
Fixed wooden roof
Fixed glass roof scale and snap points
Fixed when item is crafted, inventory sorting option will not switch to unsorted
Fixed concrete foundation collision
Fixed items floating on some foundations
Fixed crossbow
Fixed disabled siting on floor action while sitting on chair
Fixed sitting animation

New tools item descriptions
New consumables item descriptions
New ammo item descriptions

Changed dew collector bucket and large bottle water amount requirements
Changed relays can now charge batteries
Changed unloading weapons gives ammo boxes
Changed chicken soup recipe to use corn starsh instead of flour
Changed chopped trees now ignore player
Changed shotgunshells stack at 25 shells
Changed heavy armor recipe
Changed metal alloy recipe

Removed heavy armor schematic from computer station
Removed old recipes from ATMs

ZOUKING 2020/09/03


Hello survivors!

Alpha 5.5 is finally out, jam packed with new building blocks, new armors, new map locations, new enemies and mew crafting recipes.
I have added over 300 new items, including new building block designs, new stations, and resources.
Protect your base with the new turret defense system that will tear apart attacking hordes
You can now craft two new high tier armors to protect you while exploring dangerous areas.
I have also worked the southern areas of zone 2 adding 6 major locations as well as a large amount of smaller and hidden locations
I also would like to thank the community for their continuous support, you guys rock!

Patch note
New blocks

Large wall with window 4x4
5 concrete columns
Slanted glass roof
Large concrete wall 4x4
Large concrete wall with small window
2 glass floor design
Modern wood stairs
Large concrete arch
Concrete reverse ramp
Round metal stairs
Large concrete wall
Large concrete floor
Concrete foundation
Concrete foundation stairs
Interior stucco wall
Interior stucco door
Metal table light
Vertical wall light fixture
Metal light fixture
Standing living room light
Stone handrail
Iron Handrail
Top wall rim
Top wall corner rim
2 concrete arches
4 sofa designs
5 rugs
1 closet
3 dressers
4 flower pots
A vine pot
Concrete circular stairs
Medium relay
Light switchboard
Industrial smelter(編集済)
New crafting stations

Bio chemical station
Metalwork station
Electric oven
Stonework station
Electronics station
Planter block
Server rack
Large generator
A small campfire than you can place in POIs, with 15 min decay

New enemies

Enemy turret
New wearables

2 t-shirts
2 backpacks
Reactive armor
Reactive armor helmet
Heavy armor
Heavy helmet

New items

lithium battery
Lithium ore
Targeting system
Laser emitter
Logic bits
Organic matter
Metal saw
Flower seeds
Gun turret schematic
Targeting system schematic
Metal alloy
Copper ore
Magnesium ore
Silver ore
Copper ingot
Silver ingot
Magnesium ingot
Chicken soup
Bio fuel recipe
Compound fabric
Bioresearch data
unobtainium ore
unobtainium ingot
Bio sample
Infected blood sample
Crystalized infected blood
Lead pellets

New POIs

Lithium cave

New tools

Enhanced bat
Enhanced wood axe

Fixes and changes

Fixed UMP ammo description
Fixed take all button not activating when there is one item
Optimized character save files
Added ingame menu heavy breathing sound toggle
Increased garden watering in monsoon
Increased harvesting bonus amount
Fixed reinforced tin roof repairing
Added shotgun shells craft to weapon station

zouking 2020/05/29 09:06

  • @everyone
    Alpha 5.49 is out!
    Hello survivors!

Alpha 5.49 is out! Lots of optimizations and game stability. I have upgraded to the new Unreal engine 4.24 giving the game more stability and performance. I also fixed the van desync on the server and optimized the van save system on solo games.

The world lighting also got a full visual overhaul, new lighting and shadowing system, Road to Eden looks more stunning than even!

The new patch does not require a server wipe but you will have to move your saved games to the game folder if you want to continue your solo game.

Based on community requests, I tweaked a lot of the items stacking and weights, I also moved a few items to be as basic crafts that start with the character, please check the patch note for more info

Because of the van tweaks, vans found and saved in older saves will have issues on solo play and on servers when the patch is deployed, the new and updated vans are black with one of the prototype skin designs.
All vans will disappear when the new update is deployed, and this is to prevent any issues that might arise with older vans, so please empty your vans before the new patch is deployed.

Do not hesitate to send me a PM on discord if you need assistance.
Keep building, crafting and surviving!
Patch note

Added iron hammer head
Added hammer craft in carpenter station
Added shiv to initial craft
Added sleeping bag recipe to initial craft
Added wood pergola to woodworks station
Added half wood floor to woodworks station
Added 50 cal charger
Added 44 cal charger
Added voice emotes
Added atmospheric effects
Added more startup stone and sticks
Added time of day to server info
Added decay to scaffolds
Added the ability to change server port and query port
Added server option for scaffold decay
Added snap points under foundations
Added iron hammer head craft
Moved crossbow and crossbow bolts to initial crafts
Fixed display of amount of items in van
Removed buffs from t-shirts and helmets
Reduced probability of mines spawn in ammo boxes
Reduced weight of pineapple slices
Reduced loot amount of nails
Reduced frequency of infected attacks on high level players
Changed the recipe of burlap backpack
Increased damage on carbine
Increased death box timer to 40 min
Increased claim time to 12 days
Fixed mantis gas shots sometimes linger for 10 minutes
Optimized mobs
Removed all weapons from drops, apart from AK which can be looted from drops
All food components can be eaten for a small amount of hunger
Fixed locked locker not looting items
Fixed loot stash bus in B1
Fixed juice book typo
Removed passenger seat from vans for now
Increased yellow batteries spawn
Fixed giant spider
Tweaked stone blocks craft speed
Tweaked water bottles stack
Tweaked metal spikes durability and damage
Increased damage of gas canisters
Fixed ruin dungeon loot room
Increased volume of weapon sounds
Player can shoot through bushes
Reworked scaffolds block design
Added scaffold decay timer to server options
Fixed van desync


zouking 2020/05/21 20:54

  • @everyone
  • @everyone
    Hello survivors,
    After a few weeks delay, the wait is over, alpha 5.43 is here, jam-packed with content and bug squishing madness.
    Alpha 5.43 includes more than 25 small locations to loot, with a few surprises, and six unique locations that will challenge the toughest survivor. Included, is also many crafting items and recipes especially on the medical side.
    Alpha 5.43 also includes two new infected enemies each with its own play style, zone 2 will never be the same, explore at you own peril!
    I have also balanced and tweaked gameplay based on the community feedback (you guys rock!). I have received an overwhelming amount of feedback the past couple of weeks some are included in this update others will be included in future updates.
  • Thank you all for being there, amazing community!!
    Stay safe and keep building, crafting and surviving
    Alpha 5.43 is out!
  • Patch note


Increased stack size of Items in inventory
Increased the number of vehicles
Increased nails loot amount
Increased durability on some tools
Increased durability and damage on all spikes
Increased weapons durability
Increased steak cook speed
Increased stack size of all building blocks
Increased durability on all blocks
Reduced nails amount in a few recipes
Reduced large wood frames amount in a few recipes
Reduced probability of monsoon
Reduced the Fat infected speed
Reduced fat infected health
Lowered time to cook steak
Lowered hunger drain
Lowered thirst drain
Added keybind reset
Added dancing emote
Added poison amount will show when player is poisoned
Added move all option using shift clicking on items
Added shift click to drop entire item stack when in inventory
Added used slots in container UI
Added short cuts to use/drop/recycle buttons
Added more vehicle spawn points
Added snap indicators on starting blocks
Added Iron cart in mine (for Iron ore loot)
Added Loot-able metal-safes in residential map locations
Removed the ability to use the take all button in workstations
Bottled juices give back glass bottle when used
Optimized weather transition
Optimized apartments zone
When you pick up a death box you will automatically equip the biggest backpack available in your inventory
Tweaked fog effect distance
Fixed the decay issue on some blocks are placed
Fixed the "Build 6 stick walls" in the TODO list
Reduced infected spawn outside POIs in early game
Reduced number of infected in hordes for new players
Reduced number of infected in day hordes for new players

  • New map locations

More than 25 new small locations
Basketball court
Underground industrial tunnel
Residential buildings
Lake islands
Urban city
New enemies

Tier 2 bandit shooter
Tier 2 bandit fighter

New Items

High-level melee weapon "the slicer"
Glass bottle
Silica gel
35 new hats with buffs
Glass bottles
Berry juice
Surgical linen
Medical tubing
Sterilized cotton
Medical flask
Large medical kit
Large medical kit recipe in food station (temp)
7.62 ammo boxes (100 rounds)
Protopod gland
lootable Iron cart in mine
250 kills award


zouking 2020/03/13 07:26

  • @everyone
    Alpha 5.33 is out!!!
    Hello survivors!!
    Key Bindings is now available from the main menu and the in game menu
    I also added an inventory sort button to help you sort your large inventories!
    Fixed the tunnels and started populating zone 2 with new pois
    Stay safe and keep building, crafting and surviving
  • Patch note
    • Key binding
    • Reworked graphics setting
    • Added inventory sorting button
    • Raised deer spawn in world
    • Added pineapple book to ATM
    • Lots of bug fixes and optimizations

zouking 2020/03/04 06:59

  • Alpha 5.21 is out!
  • Hello survivors,
  • Based on the community feedback, I have released a new update addressing the infected spawn and a few other issues, I have also added the new foundation designs.
    The keybind system is almost done and should be available in the next update.
    Stay safe, build, craft and survive!!
  • Patch note
  • Balanced horde spawn
    Tweaked infected egg spawn rate
    Fixed Backpack weight bug
    Tweaked deer spawn
    Fixed Infected spawn too close to players
    Fixed camera issue when using emote and crouching
    Fixed bag unequipped visual representation
    Fixed wood ramp recipe
    Fixed stone column not sticking to ceilings
    Added stick door for early game
    Added road foundations
    Added player killed by other player message
    Added player kill counter

zouking 2020/02/28 07:07

  • Hello survivors
    Alpha 5.19 is out, this a major update with an improved building system.
    We have been working hard the past few weeks to bring you this update.
    Based on the community’s feedback, I have reworked and improved the building mechanic in the game, it has larger blocks and walls now, with the ability to build circular structure and the ability to rotate any block 45 deg.
    This new system opened for us the possibility to create very interesting block designs. This update has more than 40 new blocks and it’s only the first batch, more block designs are in the works and will be included in later updates.
    The new system has voxel blocks as well as large walls and floors that snap together seamlessly, giving the player the ability to build interesting and creative structures.
    I have also included the new Automatic trade machine where you can buy or exchange rare crafting items. Cigarettes are now a valuable commodity!
    Included in this update are two new crafting stations, one is the weapon station where you can repair weapons and craft ammo. The other is the woodwork station where you can craft advanced wood blocks and roofs. I am planning to add more crafting recipes to the current stations with every update.
    This update also includes the new reinforced concrete block and the metal bunker door!
    This update is NOT compatible with older saves due to the new building system, you need to start a fresh singleplayer game or wipe private servers.
    Dedicated server INI files should be deleted to activate new options

Alpha 5.19 Patch note

  • New building mechanics with the ability to build circular structures
  • New building blocks
  • Woodwork station
  • Weapon station
  • Gun powder
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Reinforced concrete blocks
  • Brick roof blocks
  • Wood roof blocks
  • Scrap brass
  • Scrap lead
  • Bunker doors
  • Large signs
  • Large gates
  • Large glass windows
  • Glass windows
  • Stone foundations
  • Infected heads can be converted into awards to hang on your wall
  • Large wood stairs
  • Metal wall torch
  • Large wood platforms and ramps
  • Wood handrails
  • Stick shelves
  • Pergola
  • Angled corner blocks (60 deg build)
  • Large stick walls
  • Large wood walls
  • Large stone walls
  • Japanese mask
  • Lots of optimizations
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Ammunition crafting
  • Weapon repair
  • Ammunition crafting
  • Automated trading machines
  • Weight indicator when in container menu

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